Sonar Echo Network, released June 2000.


Sonar is a literary journal/chapbook featuring 12 writers/artists/collaborators. It was initiated, edited and published by Chris Doorley, Molly Lewis, Josh Lifrak and Geoff Kuffner with Melissa Gorman at the design helm. Sonar was produced like a rock-n-roll record and steeped in Ransom Corp. aesthetics. It explores simultaneity, shifting perspectives, interpenetrating storylines, and has an itch for genre-bending, fusion and creating. It includes musical scores, comic book illustrations, cut-ups, cross-outs, poetry, illustrated installation concepts, sci-fi dystopia, hidden tracks, fake advertisements and flipbooks. Carried by Tower Records and City Lights Book Store, 2000 copies were printed, sold and freely given.

For a copy, contact awing at sonarecho at yahoo dot com.